My Quick Start Challenge Testimonial

Facing My Fears

We have now come to the end of the “Quick Start Challenge 2018”.

These five weeks of coaching have gone fast but our final challenge has to be the hardest one yet, for me anyway.

Dean Holland has set us all the challenge of getting on video and doing a testimonial, then putting it on YouTube and embedding it here on our blog posts.

Now for me this is a big scary challenge, I don’t like having my photo taken let alone talking to the lens on my video camera, knowing that other people could possibly see it.

Don’t Let your fears Hold you Back

As you will see I have done it, I didn’t have to but I made a pledge to myself  when I started this challenge, that I wouldn’t let anything hold me back and that included my fear of talking on video.

Part of what I want to do with my online business is to do product reviews, testimonials and basically engage with my audience, so I need to get comfortable talking on camera and the only way to do that is to Just Do it.

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