About Me


to my about me page where you can find out about who I am and follow my journey to being an Internet Marketer.

I want to prove to myself and others that this “make money online” type of business can work, no matter what struggles you have gone through or what has held you back so far.

I shall be sharing tips and ideas I hear about that work for me and can help you too.

I will also tell you what barriers I have to break through. Believe me I still have a lot of barriers and I know they have held me back so far.

Maybe you struggle with the same problems that I do, if so I would love to hear from you. Just leave a message or email me at support@fayeosborne.com.

Who Am I?

Firstly, I’m a full time carer for my 88 year old father who is registered blind and I have been his main carer since 2012 after my mother passed away.

I’m also a 52 years old, divorced mother of 3 adult children and Nan to 4 Grandchildren.

I now live back at the family home where I was brought up as a child, I live there alone with my father in the county of Worcestershire in England, UK.

Since 16 years old, I have worked in different types of industries. At 19 I started working as a care assistant in various nursing homes.

From about 1998 after buying and learning how to use a computer I worked in administration for social housing up until spring of 2012.

My Road To Making Money Online

My eldest daughter taught me how to use a computer and from that day on I carried on learning about the internet and how to do other things such as send emails etc.

I eventually managed to get my first job as an admin in customer services for a property services company where I learnt even more skills.

After another number of years bringing 3 children up virtually alone and struggling to make ends meet, I wrote in the search bar “how to make money online“.

I started reading a lot about successful entrepreneurs making thousands online, living these wonderful lifestyles, travelling the world, laptops on the beach, large houses, expensive high performance cars and not a worry in the world.

I thought to myself “I know how to use a computer, how complicated can this be to setup an online business” haha little did I know hey.

So in my search for financial freedom and an end to the constant struggling and poverty with the thought of giving my children a better lifestyle, I started reading all types of articles, sales pages and different courses available.

The information I read up about varied from Internet Marketing, Website Design, Website Flipping, selling on Ebay to Amazon FBA, Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing.

With the thought of an end to money worries, I would find sales pages that jumped out at me and I’d get excited thinking to myself¬† ” This is it, finally I’ve found a course I can do. I’m going to be rich!” lol so I’d click the link and buy.

These courses taught me a few new things but crucial steps were left out so I was left feeling deflated,¬† I’d just go find something else and buy that.

This happened again and again. Still I battled on learning as much as I could between working my ass off and bringing up my family.

I wasn’t about to and never did give up because I wouldn’t let myself, I was determined to give my kids a better future and I had a vision of where I wanted to be no matter how long it took.

Where I am Now

So now in 2018, although I’ve kept trying, failed and have continued learning, I am definitely not where I had hoped I’d be by now. I’ve even spent thousands over the years on courses, which I’ve seen work for other people.

I am not where I am because of me.

After having had put up with years of mental and physical abuse by my ex husband, I’ve now discovered what barriers I need to break and I’m already working on them.

I’m definitely not the useless, failure he said I was, I’m no quitter either.

I will have a successful online business and I won’t stop till I do!

Follow my progress

As I’ve said before I would love for you to stay with me for this journey. So please feel free to subscribe to regular updates, tips and ideas or leave a message below and I will reply there.